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Research project

Investigation of novel adjunctive therapies to improve treatment success in paediatric middle ear infection (otitis media)

Project overview

Innovation and patient benefit grant from Spark’s Children’s medical Research Charity.


Lead researcher

Professor Saul Faust MBBS, FRCPCH, PhD, FHEA, OBE

Professor Paediatric Immunology & Infect
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Other researchers

Mr Rami Salib

Associate Professor
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Professor Jeremy Webb

Professor of Microbiology

Research interests

  • Microbial biofilms and their control
  • Adaptive biology and evolution of microorganisms
  • Biofilm-associated infection
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Research outputs

Raymond Allan, Michael J. Kelso, Ardeshir Rineh, Nageshwar R. Yepuri, Martin Feelisch, Odel Soren, Sanjita Brito-Mutunayagam, Rami Salib, Paul Stoodley, Stuart C. Clarke, Jeremy Webb, Luanne Hall-Stoodley & Saul Faust, 2017, Nitric Oxide, 65, 43-49
Type: article