Professor Martin Feelisch

Professor Martin Feelisch

Prof of Exp Med & Int Biol

Research interests

  • Role of Nutrition and Exercise in Health & Resilience
  • Origin-of-Life Chemistry and Evolution
  • Stress Signaling & Redox Regulation

More research

Accepting applications from PhD students.


I strive to understand what keeps us well, specifically by which mechanisms Whole-Body Redox Balance contributes to Health and Disease. We are particularly interested to understand what contributes to  Resilience by redox phenotyping individuals in health and disease, and develop methods & interventions to diagnose and manage Oxidosis and Redosis along the spectrum of clinical care.


Martin is a licensed Pharmacist, Pharmacologist, Systems Biologist and Analytical Chemist with a particular expertise in cardiovascular physiology, adaptation to hypoxia and other stressors as well as the chemical biology of NO/HNO and sulfur in its various forms (incl persulfides and polysulfides). His interests in the chemical interactions between reactive oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur species in the context of mitochondrial function, redox signalling and whole-body electron balance led to the development of conceptual frameworks known as the ‘Reactive Species Interactome’ and the ‘Redox Interactome’.

Martin is affiliated with the School of Clinical and Experimental Sciences in the Faculty of Medicine, the Perioperative and Critical Care group at the NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre and the Institute for Life Sciences on main campus. He is also the Deputy Direcctor of the SCBR Mass Spectrometry Unit at the Southampton General Hospital.