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Research project

Dynamics of Gas Hydrates in Polar Marine Environments


Lead researcher

Professor Tim Minshull

Professor in Ocean & Earth Science

Research interests

  • Continental breakup and the onset of seafloor spreading
  • Methane hydrate beneath the seafloor and its role in the Earth system
  • Exploration geophysics: seismic and electromagnetic imaging

Research outputs

Mario E. Veloso-Alarcó,
Pär Jansson,
Marc De Batist,
Graham K. Westbrook,
Heiko Palike,
Stefan Bünz,
Ian Wright,
& Jens Greinert
, 2019 , Geophysical Research Letters , 46 (15) , 9072--9081
Type: article
Carolyn A. Graves,
Célia Julia Sapart,
Andrew W. Stott,
Ian C. Wright,
Christian Berndt,
Graham K. Westbrook,
& Douglas P. Connelly
, 2017 , Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta , 198 , 419--438
Type: article
Fang Zhao,
Julian A. Dowdeswell,
Shiguo Wu,
& Simon M. Soryal
, 2017 , Quaternary Science Reviews , 161 , 30--44
Type: article
Wei-Li Hong,
Simone Sauer,
Giuliana Panieri,
William G. Ambrose,
Andreia Plaza-Faverola,
& Andrea Schneider
, 2016 , Limnology and Oceanography , 61 (S1) , S324--S343
Type: article
Phillipe Bousquet,
Ingeborg Bussmann,
Mathias Haeckel,
Rolf Kipfer,
Ira Leifer,
Helge Niemann,
Ilia Ostrovsky,
Jacek Piskozub,
Gregor Rehder,
Tina Treude,
Lisa Vielstädte,
& Jens Greinert
, 2016 , Limnology and Oceanography , 61 (S1) , S283--S299
Type: article
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