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Dr Anya Crocker

Research Fellow in Palaeoclimatology

Research interests

  • Hydroclimate variability in North Africa and the Middle East through the Neogene.Millennial and orbital-scale variability in ocean circulation.Using radiogenic isotopes to fingerprint dust from source to sink.Exploring climatic influences on evolutionary outcomes of life on land.

More research


Anya is a research fellow in palaeoceanography and palaeoclimatology. Her research uses marine sediments as archives of past climate variability to reconstruct global and regional patterns of climate change over timescales from hundreds to millions of years. She uses a broad suite of geochemical, biological and sedimentological proxies to explore the feedbacks between the continents, ocean and atmosphere. She is especially interested in the mechanisms driving hydroclimate variability in water-stressed regions such as North Africa and the Middle East. Her research also explores the influence that hydroclimate variability exerts over evolutionary outcomes on land, including savanna ecosystems and our hominin ancestors.