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Research project

Enhancement to UK Generations and Gender Survey

Project overview

This funding provides enhancements to the UK Generations and Gender Survey (GGS). We will apply recently learned best practices in online survey methodology to our data collection effort. The survey will be transferred to the most appropriate software, which will enable improvements to the look and feel, reduce break-off and item missingness, and increase data quality. We will test the instrument on various devices, paying particular attention to smartphones, and redesign as necessary. The funding will also allow the development of online partnership and fertility histories, an area which has not been addressed in online survey methodology research.


Lead researcher

Professor Brienna Perelli-Harris

Professor of Demography
Other researchers

Professor Ann Berrington

Professor-Demography&Social Statistics

Dr Olga Maslovskaya

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • All aspects of survey
  • Survey data collection
  • Data quality

Dr Bernice Kuang

Research Fellow in Demography

Miss Grace Chang

Senior Research Assistant

Research interests

  • Time use
  • Skills development
  • Wellbeing

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

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