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Research project

(Fellowship) Investigating the trigger for fibroblast senescence in colorectal cancer: a novel


Other researchers

Professor Alex Mirnezami

Professor of Surgical Oncology
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Dr Emre Sayan

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • - The link between EMT and apoptosis/therapy resistance.
  • - Mechanobiology of EMT: How tumour stiffness associates with EMT and creates tumour microenvironment.
  • - How EMT influences non-cancer cells in tumour microenvironment (e.g. T cell recruitment or fibroblast-myofibroblast differentiation).
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Research outputs

Rahul Sreekumar, Muhammad Emaduddin, Hajir Al-Saihati, Karwan Moutasim, James Chan, Marcello Spampinato, Rahul Bhome, Ho Ming Yuen, Claudia Mescoli, Alessandro Vitale, Umberto Cillo, Massimo Rugge, John Primrose, Mohammad Abu Hilal, Stephen Thirdborough, Eugene Tulchinsky, Gareth Thomas, Alex Mirnezami & A Emre Sayan, 2019, Cell Death and Disease, 10(10)
Type: article
Robin Delaine-Smith, Nicola Wright, Chris Hanley, Rebecca Hanwell, Rahul Bhome, Marc Bullock, Cole Drifka, Kevin W. Eliceiri, Gareth Thomas, Martin Knight, Alexander Mirnezami & Nicholas Peake, 2019, Cancers, 11(5)
Type: article
Rahul Bhome, Massimiliano Mellone, Katherine Emo, Gareth J. Thomas, A. Emre Sayan & Alex H. Mirnezami, 2018
Type: bookChapter
Filippo Del Vecchio, Gui Han Lee, Joamir Hawezi, Rahul Bhome, Sian Pugh, Emre Sayan, Gareth Thomas, Graham Packham, John Primrose, Martin Pichler, Alexander Mirnezami, George Calin & Marc Bullock, 2018, Cancer Letters, 421, 94-102
Type: review