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Research project

(Fellowship) Investigating the trigger for fibroblast senescence in colorectal cancer: a novel


Other researchers

Professor Alex Mirnezami

Professor of Surgical Oncology

Dr Emre Sayan

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • - The link between EMT and apoptosis/therapy resistance.
  • - Mechanobiology of EMT: How tumour stiffness associates with EMT and creates tumour microenvironment.
  • - How EMT influences non-cancer cells in tumour microenvironment (e.g. T cell recruitment or fibroblast-myofibroblast differentiation).

Research outputs

Marco Montagner,
Rahul Bhome,
Steven Hooper,
Probir Chakravarty,
Xiao Qin,
Jahangir Sufi,
Ajay Bhargava,
Colin D.H. Ratcliffe,
Yutaka Naito,
Arianna Pocaterra,
Christopher J. Tape,
& Erik Sahai
, 2020 , Nature Cell Biology , 22 (3) , 289--296
Type: letterEditorial
Rahul Sreekumar,
Muhammad Emaduddin,
Hajir Al-Saihati,
Karwan Moutasim,
James Chan,
Marcello Spampinato,
Rahul Bhome,
Ho Ming Yuen,
Claudia Mescoli,
Alessandro Vitale,
Umberto Cillo,
Massimo Rugge,
Mohammad Abu Hilal,
Eugene Tulchinsky,
, 2019 , Cell Death and Disease , 10 (10)
Type: article
Robin Delaine-Smith,
Nicola Wright,
Rebecca Hanwell,
Rahul Bhome,
Marc Bullock,
Cole Drifka,
Kevin W. Eliceiri,
Martin Knight,
& Nicholas Peake
, 2019 , Cancers , 11 (5)
Type: article
Rahul Bhome,
Filippo Del Vecchio,
Gui-Han Lee,
Marc D Bullock,
, 2018 , Cancer Letters , 420 , 228--235
Type: article
Filippo Del Vecchio,
Gui Han Lee,
Joamir Hawezi,
Rahul Bhome,
Sian Pugh,
Emre Sayan,
Martin Pichler,
George Calin,
& Marc Bullock
, 2018 , Cancer Letters , 421 , 94--102
Type: review
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