Research project

Fibre Based Fast T-Ray Tomography


Lead researcher

Professor David Richardson FREng, FRS

Research interests

  • Hollow Core Optical Fibres
  • Optical Communications
  • High Power Fibre Lasers
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Research outputs

A. Malinowski, Dejiao Lin, S.U. Alam, Z. Zhang, M. Ibsen, J. Young, P. Wright, K. Ozanyan, M. Stringer, R.E. Miles & D.J. Richardson, 2012, Laser Physics Letters, 9(5), 350-354
Type: article
Andrew Malinowski, Dejiao Lin, Shaif-ul Alam, Zhaowei Zhang, Morten Ibsen, David J. Richardson, John Young, Paul Wright, Krikor Ozanyan, Mark Stringer & Bob Miles, 2011
Type: conference
D.J. Richardson, J. Nilsson & W.A. Clarkson, 2010, Journal of the Optical Society of America B, 27(11), 63-92
Type: article
Andrew Malinowski, Khu Tri Vu, Kang Kang Chen, Johan Nilsson, Yoonchan Jeong, Shaif-ul Alam, Dejiao Lin & David J. Richardson, 2009, Optics Express, 17(23), 20927-20937
Type: article