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Research project

G Reid - Nanostructured Bismuth Telluride Thin Films


Lead researcher

Professor Gill Reid


Research interests

  • Synthetic inorganic chemistry
  • Design and synthesis of new macrocyclic and multidentate ligands involving donor atoms from Groups 15 (P, As, Sb, Bi) and 16 (S, Se, Te)
  • Coordination chemistry with s-, p-, d- and f-block metal ions
Other researchers

Professor Andrew Hector

Head of School

Professor Kees De Groot


Research interests

  • Radio-Frequency and Microwave Devices
  • 2 dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides  Transistors
  • Smart Radiative Cooling and RF control of smart glass using metal oxides such as Al-doped ZnO and W-doped VO2

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Sophie Benjamin,
Chitra Gurnani,
Samantha, Louise Hawken,
Ruomeng Huang,
Marek Jura,
Eleanor Reid,
Stephen Richards,
& Gavin B.G. Stenning
, 2018 , Journal of Materials Chemistry C , 6 (29) , 7734--7739
Type: article
Sophie Benjamin,
Chitra Gurnani,
Yudong Wang,
William Levason,
, 2016 , Scientific Reports , 6 , 1--10
Type: article
Sophie L. Benjamin,
Ruomeng Huang,
Elena Koukharenko,
, 2015 , Journal of Materials Chemistry C , 3 , 423--430
Type: article
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