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Research project

Green and blue Prescribing - improving health and promoting pro-environmental behaviours through research and site-specific theatre

Project overview

The climate change emergency is apparent for us all. Adolescents can be a powerful force for change. Using youth social action, applied theatre and reflective practices, our young people researched the science behind the unfolding emergency to tell the story of the impact of climate change on their communities. Our final site-specific theatre piece engaged with audiences onsite in the New Forest and in the City of Southampton. Using green and blue prescribing and working with nature has led our young people into more environmentally aware lifestyles, working towards zero carbon best practice.
Key aims
· To use science, art and culture as a platform to influence and lead public engagement on climate and the environment
· To use theatre as a tool for social change, challenging norms and ideals, providing the inspiration to rethink and find alternatives ways of co-existing to protect our natural habitats
· To promote reflective and critical thinking through active research that empowers our young people and our audiences to address local issues, alongside global impact
· To create a legacy and sustainability beyond the project, sharing the film and theatre performance with policymakers and environmental awareness days and events (With the New Forest National Park we will collaborate on the ‘net zero with nature’ stall at the New Forest Show 2022)
· To work with place-based partners to help co-create and design the programme with a focus on addressing the local needs and specific impact of climate change within the different locations
· To use these experiences to generate discussion and a call to action working through schools, colleges and notable events e.g. the University of Southampton’s award-winning Science and Engineering Festival and school holiday activities with our partners
· To embed environmental sustainability in our plans with considered travel and use of natural resources to help work towards net zero carbon best practices


Lead researcher

Dr Kath Woods-Townsend

Principal Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Adolescent Health
  • Scientific Literacy
  • Health Literacy
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Other researchers

Dr Mark Chapman

Associate Professor
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