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HEIF 2023/24 Supporting site assessment for offshore wind through integrated geoscience and data science approaches

Project overview

This project will develop geophysical ground model for the Burbo Bank site through full waveform seismic inversion carried out using SAND Geophysics technologies and generate geophysical profiles colocated
with each CPT profile, and will calculate similarity scores for every pair of geophysical profiles. This will require adaption of existing code that has been used for this purpose with geotechnical data (Charles et al., 2023a). Geophysical profiles will contain component profiles P wave velocity and attenuation against depth. The current methodology involves application of dynamic time warping to each component profile individually, however multivariate time series similarity will also be explored. With similarity scores for every pair of profiles, these can be summed to find the average similarity at each location facilitating the generation of site-wide similarity heatmaps based on geophysical data. Such heatmaps will be compared with the equivalent heatmaps already produced for geotechnical data. Algorithms capable of automatic identification of the best locations for in-situ testing will be developed and tested.


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Professor Tim Henstock

Professor of Geophysics
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