Research project

Identification of epigenetic DNA methylation marks for asthma and allergic sensitization using Oxford Nanopore in Isle of Wight (IoW) F2 generation


Lead researcher

Dr Negusse Kitaba

Research Fellow

Research interests

  • My current research mainly involves working with DNA methylation data to identify epigenetic marks for periconceptional paternal smoking exposure across generations. This Epigenome Wide Association Study is part of the Rhinessa multicentre population project. My expertise includes integrating multi-omic data such as SNP, transcriptome, methylation and interactome (PPI) at the system level to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the origins of complex diseases. In my former position, I worked on the epigenetic effects of Maternal Gestation Diabetes (GDM) using the UPBEAT Offspring data supported by Diabetes UK.
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Other researchers

Professor John Holloway PhD, FHEA

Associate V-P Interdisciplinary Research

Research interests

  • Human genetics
  • Epigenetics
  • Respiratory Disease
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