Research project

In Situ Stress at subduction zones

Project overview

The NanTroSEIZE drilling project aims to understand, for the first time, the earthquake generation process within a subduction zone by sampling, logging and monitoring different parts of the tectonic system. Expedition 314 (NanTroSEIZE Stage 1) collected Logging While Drilling data to measure in situ properties of the sediments and faults around the borehole. During drilling, the borehole shape responds to in situ stresses producing "borehole breakouts" and stress orientations can be determined from images of the borehole wall. This study aims to refine and build on the quantitative analysis of stress orientations from resistivity images during the recent Expedition 314 on the Nankai margin by producing and comparing similar datasets from other Ocean Drilling legs (ODP and IODP) at various continental margins sites, including other subduction zones. The aim is to determine how in situ shallow stress measurements relate to the larger scale tectonic regime by comparing measurements across and along specific margins and between different margins.


Lead researcher

Professor Lisa Mcneill

Professor of Tectonics

Research interests

  • Active tectonics
  • Geohazards
  • Marine geophysics
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