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Research project

Inclusive autonomous vehicles: the role of human risks and trust narratives

Project overview

With AI for autonomous vehicles evolving from limited responsibility to fully autonomous driving, this project posits that each level of AI control handover triggers different levels of risk perceptions and trust concerns as it involves varying levels of consumer commitment and relinquishing of control. Grounded in the theories of social psychology and behavioural economics, this project will uncover how concerns with AI can be alleviated at each level. In so doing, we will investigate the mechanisms that can address consumers’ concerns and increase their overall trust and well-being. The project will help in managing evolution for inclusive human-AI interactions.


Lead researcher

Professor Paurav Shukla

Professor of Marketing

Research interests

  • Luxury consumption
  • Brand management 
  • Consumer behaviour and self-identity 

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

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