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Research project

Integrated photonic crystal devices

Lead researcher:
Research funder:
Royal Society
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Project overview


Lead researcher

Professor Martin Charlton

Prof of Photonics and Nano-Electronics

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Research outputs

M. Feinäugle,
P. Gregorčič,
D. Heath,
, 2017 , Applied Surface Science , 396 , 1231--1238
Type: article
P. Loiko,
S. Yoon,
J.M. Serres,
X. Mateos,
S. Beecher,
R.B. Birch,
V.G. Savitski,
A.J. Kemp,
K. Yumashev,
U. Griebner,
V. Petrov,
M. Aguiló,
F. Díaz,
, 2016 , Optical Materials , 58 , 365--372
Type: article
Matthias Feinäugle,
Dan Heath,
, 2016 , Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing , 122 (4) , 1--5
Type: article
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