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Doctor Ben Mills

Dr Ben Mills

Principal Research Fellow

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Address: B46, West Highfield Campus, University Road, SO17 1BJ (View in Google Maps)


Ben Mills is a Principal Research Fellow at the Optoelectonics Research Centre, where he leads a research group focussed at the interface of machine learning and high precision laser-based fabrication. He is the holder of a 5-year Early Career EPSRC Fellowship (EP/N03368X/1, £780k, 2016-2021), the UK PI for an EU FETOPEN (£525k, 2018-2022) project investigating the precise fabrication of flexible nanosubstrates substrates, and the PI for EPSRC grant (EP/T026197/1, £778k, 2020-2023) for integrating machine learning with laser processing. Ben manages the FAST lab, a £1m laser facility at the University of Southampton, which includes a wide range of high-spec laser systems. He has over ten years of experience working with pulsed lasers and their application to high-precision fabrication, with over 150 journal and conference papers, including authorship in Light: Science and Applications, and Nature Photonics.

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