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Project overview

This study will co-develop metacognitive training with individuals with lived experience of a psychosis spectrum disorder, and investigate the impact of the brief, online, training on metacognitive accuracy, and clinically relevant metacognitive judgements.


Lead researcher

Dr Emma Palmer-Cooper PhD, CPsychol, AFHEA

Lecturer B

Research interests

  • Metacognition in Psychosis and other serious mental health conditions
  • Creativity and Wellbeing
  • Student Mental Health
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Other researchers

Dr Hayward Godwin

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • I have a number of research interests, and they are as follows:
  • - How we search for target(s) in the environment, particularly using visual searches.
  • - Eye movement behaviour, focusing on search tasks
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Professor Mark Weal


Research interests

  • Digital Health
  • Behavioural Interventions
  • Semantic Web
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Dr Ann-Marie Hughes

Associate Professor
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Dr Tess Maguire

Principal Teaching Fellow
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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs