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Research project

Fault zone properties and fluids at subduction zones: Drivers of seismogenic behaviour

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Project overview

Existing data on fault zones and sediment properties at subduction zones are inherently heterogeneous and cannot be fully understood using borehole data from single transects alone. Large volumes of geophysical data, samples and borehole logs have been obtained, but to date, synthesis of results from different margins, and often even different locations within a single margin, is lacking. This project integrates core, log and seismic datasets, and compares margins with known differences in seismogenic behaviour, sediment input properties (thickness, lithology, rheology), and other subduction parameters (e.g., convergence rate, obliquity, topography and age of subducting oceanic basement). Results will indicate what controls variability in fault properties between margins and how these properties vary with scale. These approaches tackle the key fact that no simple model explains the wide variety of seismogenesis at convergent margins.


Lead researcher

Professor Lisa Mcneill

Professor of Tectonics

Research interests

  • Active tectonics
  • Geohazards

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Other researchers

Professor Tim Henstock

Professor of Geophysics

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