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Research project

IODP2: Coupled change in global climate and the carbon cycle across the Eocene-Oligocene transition


Lead researcher

Professor Paul Wilson


Research interests

  • Greenhouse climates
  • Ice sheet instability
  •  Monsoons and Rainfall Deserts and Aridity 
Other researchers

Professor Gavin Foster

Professor of Isotope Geochemistry

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

James F. Spray,
Steven M. Bohaty,
Andrew Davies,
Ian Bailey,
Brian W. Romans,
, 2019 , Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology
Type: article
Jean-Baptiste Ladant,
Yannick Donnadieu,
Laurent Bopp,
Caroline H. Lear,
, 2018 , Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology
Type: article
Zhonghui Liu,
Yuxin He,
Yiqing Jiang,
Huanye Wang,
Weiguo Liu,
Steven M. Bohaty,
, 2018 , Nature Geoscience , 11 (9) , 656--660
Type: article
Rosanna Greenop,
Mathis Hain,
Sindia M. Sosdian,
Thomas Chalk,
Caroline H. Lear,
, 2017 , Climate of the Past , 13 (2) , 149--170
Type: article
David C. Lang,
Ian Bailey,
Thomas B. Chalk,
& Marcus Gutjahr
, 2016 , Nature Geoscience , 9 (5) , 375--379
Type: article
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