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Research project

J A Ratnayaka: Study of molecular mechanisms driving RPE dysfunction in patients from different stages of AMD

  • Lead researcher:
  • Research funder:
    Macular Disease Society
  • Status:
    Not active


Lead researcher

Dr Arjuna Ratnayaka

Associate Professor
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Research outputs

Eloise Keeling, Savannah A Lynn, Yen Min Koh, Jenny A Scott, Aaron Kendall, Maureen Gatherer, Anton Page, Felino R Cagampang, Andrew J Lotery & J Arjuna Ratnayaka, 2022, Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, 66(11), e2100823
Type: article
Jennifer Dewing, David RG Christensen, Heidi Hongisto, Jennifer Scott, Ben Jenkins, Angela Cree, Heli Skottman, J. Arjuna Ratnayaka & Andrew Lotery, 2019, Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 60
Type: conference
Paul Ibbett, Srinivas V. Goverdhan, Elena Pipi, Joe Kirit Chouhan, Eloise Keeling, Elizabeth M. Angus, Jenny Scott, Maureen Gatherer, Anton Page, Jessica Teeling, Andrew Lotery & J. Arjuna Ratnayaka, 2019, Scientific Reports, 9
Type: article