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Research project

The Generations and Gender Survey in the UK

Project overview

This project conducts the UK version of the nationally representative, longitudinal Generations and Gender Survey. The GGS is one of the main outputs of the Generations and Gender Programme (GGP), an international Research Infrastructure supported by the European Commission. Over the past 20 years, the GGP has collected survey data in 25 countries in Europe and beyond. The GGP has recently launched a new round of surveys, called GGS2020, to understand how families have been changing over the past two decades.

The UK GGS will collect information about early adulthood and mid-life (ages 18-59). It will capture the complexity of family formation events in the UK to better understand how partnership formation and fertility have been changing throughout the pandemic and Brexit. Besides data collection, the project will include a methodological work package to provide insights into the accuracy of online data collection, allowing for design improvements. A demographic work package will focus on partnership formation and fertility intentions, shedding light on whether the UK is experiencing a baby boom or bust.


Lead researcher

Professor Brienna Perelli-Harris

Professor of Demography
Other researchers

Professor Ann Berrington

Professor-Demography&Social Statistics

Dr Olga Maslovskaya

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • All aspects of survey
  • Survey data collection
  • Data quality

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

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