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Research project

Rewiring photosynthesis with synthetic biology


Lead researcher

Professor Tom Bibby

Professor of Biological Oceanography

Research interests

  • (1) The role of photosynthetic microbes in global biogeochemical cycles(2) The use of photosynthetic microbes for sustainable products
Other researchers

Professor Mark Moore

Professor of Oceanography

Research interests

  • Marine Biogeochemistry
  • Oceanic nutrient and carbon cycling
  • Phytoplankton photosynthesis

Professor Matthew Terry

Professor of Molecular Plant Biology

Research interests

  • Chloroplast development and retrograde signalling to the nucleus
  • Light regulation of wheat growth and development
  • Improving algal photosynthesis

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Alejandro Torrado,
Hannah Connabeer,
Annika Rottig,
Nicola Pratt,
& Thomas Bibby
, 2022 , Plant Physiology , 189 (4) , 2554--2566
Type: article
S. A. Johansson,
P. G. Stephenson,
R. J. Edwards,
K. Yoshida,
R. Terauchi,
M. V. Zubkov,
& T. S. Bibby
, 2020 , Algal Research , 48
Type: article
Harry O. Jackson,
Adokiye Berepiki,
& Thomas S. Bibby
, 2019 , Journal of Applied Phycology , 31 , 269–279
Type: article
Adokiye Berepiki,
John R Gittins,
, 2018 , ACS Synthetic Biology , 3 (1) , 1--9
Type: article
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