Research project

Rift Volcanism: Past, Present and Future

Project overview

RiftVolc is built around a NERC funded large grant which aims to research past, present and future volcanic and seismic activity in different sectors of the East African rift system. The project also draws on several NERC funded PhD studentships (SPITFIRE and INSPIRE). Project partners include the BGS, the Universities of Edinburgh, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, Leeds, Imperial, Florence, Pisa, Strasbourg, Sorbonne, Addis Ababa, the Geological Survey of Ethiopia, and Reykjavik Geothermal.

The team at the University of Southampton primarily focus on using passive seismology, structural geology, volcanology, and geochemistry to understand tectonics, magmatic, and hydrothermal processes during extension.


Lead researcher

Dr Derek Keir

Associate Professor
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Research outputs

Emma L. Chambers, Nick Harmon, Kate Rychert, Ryan J. Gallacher & Derek Keir, 2022, Geophysical Journal International, 230(3), 2036-2055
Type: article
Birhanu A. Kibret, Atalay Ayele & Derek Keir, 2022, Frontiers in Earth Science, 10
Type: article
Derek Keir, Luca De Siena, Cecile Doubre, Jessica Johnson, Francesco Maccaferri & Luigi Passarelli, 2021, Frontiers in Earth Science, 9
Type: letterEditorial
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Type: article