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Research project

SI2-CHE: Development and Deployment of Chemical Software for Advanced Potential Energy Surfaces - Essex/Skylaris - EPSRC


Lead researcher

Professor Jonathan Essex

Other researchers

Professor Chris Skylaris

Professor of Computational Chemistry

Research interests

  • the computational study of chemical processes, especially in problems involving nanostructures and biological molecules. 

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Richard Bradshaw,
, 2020 , Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling , 60 (6) , 3131--3144
Type: article
Teresa Head-Gordon,
Martin Head-Gordon,
, 2019 , The Journal of Chemical Physics , 150 (7)
Type: article
David J. Huggins,
Philip C. Biggin,
Marc A. Dämgen,
Sarah A. Harris,
Richard H. Henchman,
Syma Khalid,
Antonija Kuzmanic,
Charles A. Laughton,
Julien Michel,
Adrian J. Mulholland,
Edina Rosta,
Mark S.P. Sansom,
& Marc W. van der Kamp
, 2018 , Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Computational Molecular Science , 1--23
Type: article
Emma, Jill Sutton,
Richard Bradshaw,
Christian Orr,
Björn Frendéus,
Gunilla Larsson,
Ingrid Teige,
, 2018 , Biophysical Journal , 115 (2) , 289--299
Type: article
Gabriele Boschetto,
Hong-Tao Xue,
Michal Krompiec,
, 2017 , The Journal of Physical Chemistry C , 1--10
Type: article
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