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Research project

Single Turnover Active Fluorometry of Encolsed Samples for Autonomous Phytoplankton Productivity (STAFES-APP)

Project overview

In collaboration with industry and academic partners we are developing a new generation of active chlorophyll fluorometers for the estimation of phytoplankton primary production on autonomous platforms.


Lead researcher

Professor Mark Moore

Professor of Oceanography

Research interests

  • Marine Biogeochemistry
  • Oceanic nutrient and carbon cycling
  • Phytoplankton photosynthesis
Other researchers

Professor Tom Bibby

Professor of Biological Oceanography

Research interests

  • (1) The role of photosynthetic microbes in global biogeochemical cycles(2) The use of photosynthetic microbes for sustainable products

Dr Anna Hickman


Research interests

  • The role of marine phytoplankton in biogeochemical cycles
  • Phytoplankton ecology, primary production, photo physiology and bio-optics
  • Understanding the physical controls on biological processes and associated feedbacks

Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Nina Schuback,
P. Tortell,
I. Berman-Frank,
Douglas A. Campbell,
Aurea M. Ciotti,
Emilie Courtecuisse,
Zachary K. Erickson,
Tetsuichi Fujiki,
Kimberly Halsey,
David Hughes,
Yannick Huot,
Maxim Y. Gorbunov,
Z. Kolber,
Kevin Oxborough,
Ondřej Prášil,
Charlotte Mary Robinson,
T. Ryan-Keogh,
Greg Silsbe,
Stefan G. H. Simis,
David J. Suggett,
Sandy J. Thomalla,
& Deepa Ruth Varkey
, 2021 , Frontiers in Marine Science , 8
Type: review
David J. Hughes,
Douglas A. Campbell,
Martina A. Doblin,
Jacco C. Kromkamp,
Evelyn Lawrenz,
Kevin Oxborough,
Ondřej Prášil,
Peter J. Ralph,
Marco F. Alvarez,
& David J. Suggett
, 2018 , Environmental Science & Technology
Type: article
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