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Research project

Thermoelectric power harvesting

Lead researcher:
Research funder:
Not active


Lead researcher

Professor Neil White

Professor in Intelligent Sensor Systems

Research interests

  • Medical sensors
  • Intelligent sensor systemS

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Other researchers

Doctor John Tudor

Principal Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Smart fabrics/e-textiles
  • MEMS and microfabrication

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Professor Stephen Beeby PhD, FIEEE, FInstP, FIET, CEng, CPhys

Professor of Electronic Systems & Device

Research interests

  • Electronic Textiles
  • Flexible Electronics

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Doctor Iris Nandhakumar

Associate Professor

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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Xiaohong Li,
Elena Koukharenko,
Steve P. Beeby,
, 2009 , Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics , 11 (18) , 3584--3590
Type: article
E. Koukharenko,
S. P. Beeby,
X. Li,
, 2008 , Measurement and Control , 41 (5) , 138--142
Type: article
E. Koukharenko,
X. Li,
I. Nandhakumar,
N. Frety,
S.P. Beeby,
D. Cox,
B. Schiedt,
C. Trautmann,
A. Bertsch,
, 2008 , Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering , 18 (10) , 104015
Type: article
Elena Koukharenko,
Xiaohong Li,
Iris Nandhakumar,
SP Beeby,
B Schiedt,
C Trautmann,
, 2007 , IET letters , 44 (7) , 500--501
Type: article
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