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Research project

Building a globally leading partnership between NBIC and CBE international biofilm centres

Project overview

This US partnering award will allow us to build an internationally leading partnership between the US Centre for Biofilm Engineering (CBE) at Montana State University and the UK's newly established National Biofilm Innovation Centre (NBIC).The main objective of this US-UK partnership will be to bring together complementary academic expertise and thought-leadership in biofilms, contamination of metal surfaces and biocorrosion processes across the life and physical sciences and engineering domains within NBIC and CBE in order to identify the key knowledge gaps and research challenges for future projects and research collaboration. Each centre has identified a group of interdisciplinary experts that will come together with a focus on understanding the interactions between complex microbial communities and metals and addressing key challenges with the field.


Lead researcher

Professor Jeremy Webb

Professor of Microbiology

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Other researchers

Professor Jo Slater-Jefferies PhD, MBA, CMgr, MCMI

CEO-National Biofilms Innovation Centre

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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

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