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Research project

Wearable and Autonomous Computing for Future Smart Cities - Platform Grant


Lead researcher

Professor Stephen Beeby PhD, FIEEE, FInstP, FIET, CEng, CPhys

Professor of Electronic Systems & Device

Research interests

  • Electronic Textiles
  • Flexible Electronics

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Other researchers

Doctor Alex Weddell MEng, PhD, FHEA, MIEEE


Research interests

  • Energy Harvesting
  • Internet of Things

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Professor Gopal Ramchurn

Professor of Artificial Intelligence

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Professor Geoff Merrett PhD, BEng, PGCert, FHEA, SMIEEE, MIET

Personal Chair

Research interests

  • Energy management of mobile/embedded systems
  • Self-powered computing

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Professor Sebastian Stein


Research interests

  • Citizen-Centric Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • Mechanism Design and Incentive Engineering in Multi-Agent Systems

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Collaborating research institutes, centres and groups

Research outputs

Edward Longman,
& Geoff Merrett
, 2022
Type: conference
Mahmoud Wagih,
Leonardo Balocchi,
Francesca Benassi,
Nuno B. Carvalho,
J.-C. Chiao,
Ricardo Correia,
Alessandra Costanzo,
Yepu Cui,
Dimitra Georgiadou,
Carolina Gouveia,
Jasmin Grosinger,
John S. Ho,
Kexin Hu,
Sam Lemey,
Caroline Loss,
Gaetano Marrocco,
Paul Mitcheson,
Valentina Palazzi,
Nicoletta Panunzio,
Giacomo Paolini,
Pedro Pinho,
Josef Preishuber-Pflugl,
Yasser Qaragoez,
Hamed Rahmani,
Hendrik Rogier,
Jose Romero Lopera,
Luca Roselli,
Dominique Schreurs,
Manos Tentzeris,
Xi Tian,
Ricardo Torres,
Patrick Van Torre,
Dieff Vital,
, 2022 , IEEE Journal of Microwaves
Type: article
Sivert T. Sliper,
William Wang,
Nikos Nikoleris,
Anand Savanth,
Pranay Prabhat,
& Geoff Merrett
, 2022 , IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems
Type: article
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