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Research Centre

Centre for flexible electronics and e-textiles (C-FLEET)

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We bring together expertise working on flexible, stretchable functional materials for electronic systems.


We're researching soft, conformable materials for use in: 

  • personal monitoring and healthcare applications 
  • flexible energy-harvesting power supplies and storage  
  • industry 
  • agriculture 
  • civil engineering 
  • the marine environment 
  • the automotive sector 

Our current research areas: 

  • Flexible printed circuits: printed organic electrochemical transistors for multiplexing and switching applications developed on the WEARPLEX project
  • Soft smart materials: researchers in electronics and computer science (ECS) have a longstanding track record in developing smart materials that sense and react to certain stimuli such as mechanical forces, electrical signals or magnetic fields
  • Textile-based energy storage: textile structures provide a scaffold for supercapacitors and batteries to be integrated with the fabric
  • Printed functional inks for e-textiles: we have developed a range of co-compatible low temperature inks during the Microflex project for use on textiles
  • Textile-based energy harvesting: we have developed numerous techniques for harvesting ambient energy as an alternative integrated power supply
  • Integrated electronics in textiles: flexible filament circuits with a patent pending packaging approach for integrated into yarns and textiles (FETT project)
  • Flexible RF antennas: research covering the design, fabrication and testing of antennas and systems for RF energy harvesting and communication across a range of frequency bands
  • Green electronics: centre members are involved in a collaborative project with ARM looking at the design, materials and manufacture of printed and flexible electronics in order to aid re-use or ensure biodegradability

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