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Research project


Project overview

Factories with a high interoperability level require an extendable platform to reach the goal of zero defects. The EU-funded ZDMP project is combining state-of-the-art zero-defect technological approaches based on commercial-grade or open-source software, with built-in software for any gaps, and with an open development approach and app store. It will allow end users to connect their system to benefit from the features of the platform, including product and production quality assurance. ZDMP can also simplify processes by connecting existing (and new) devices and sensors, while enabling connections to related information systems and operational assets. The platform will be piloted in the automotive, machine tool, electronics, and construction sectors.


Lead researcher

Dr Stefano Modafferi

Principal Enterprise Fellow

Research interests

  • Risk modelling
  • Data-driven business models
  • Enterprise Archtiectures
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