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Professor Michael Boniface

Professor Michael Boniface

Professorial Fellow in Information Techn

Research interests

  • Artifical intelligence for health systems
  • Human centred interactive systems
  • Federated systems management 

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"Creativity, discovery and engineering are at the heart of what we do at IT Innovation and the University of Southampton. Cultivating a flow of pioneering ideas that offer the potential to transform people's lives and the economy using information technology is a motivating force that drives us. Our capacity to rapidly turn these ideas into benefits for partners through collaborative, applied research and innovation makes Southampton a truly exciting place to be."

Michael is a Professorial Fellow of Information Technology and Director of the IT Innovation Centre within the School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton. He is an Associate Director of the Web Science Institute, Deputy Director of the UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub, co-investigator for the Southampton Biomedical Research Centre Data Health and Society theme, and he leads the Workforce and Health Systems theme at the NIHR Wessex Applied Research Centre.

He leads large scale international interdisciplinary research programmes and research hubs at the boundary of technology and society (healthcare, education, creative industries). For example, he is currently the Impact Director for the UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub and previously led EXPERIMEDIA (2011-2015, €10.8M EUR) a multi-venue experimentation service supporting technology innovation through new forms of interaction and experience, FLAME (2017-2020, €6.2M) a large scale real-world (Bristol, Barcelona, London, Sicily) experimental facility for AR/VR services over 5G. More in the biography