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Dr Gustavo A. M. de Almeida PhD., BEng

Lecturer in Civil Engineering

Dr Gustavo A. M. de Almeida's photo

Dr Gustavo A. M. de Almeida is Lecturer in Civil Engineering within Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Southampton.

Gustavo de Almeida graduated in 2002 with a degree in Civil Engineering from Rio de Janeiro State University, Brazil. After spending a year in industry, he carried out research at UPC BarcelonaTech on the stability of non-continuous riprap in rivers, for which he was awarded a PhD in 2007. He then spent two years at The University of Newcastle (Australia) working on the development and application of a numerical model for river hydraulics and morphodynamics. From 2011 to 2013 he worked at the University of Bristol on the development of high-performance 2-D hydrodynamic models for flood propagation problems. In September 2013 he joined the University of Southampton as a Lecturer in Water Engineering.

Dr de Almeida’s current research interests are broadly in the fields of river hydraulics, morphodynamics and engineering. He particularly focuses on the development of methods that improve our ability to understand, predict and mitigate the consequences of floods.

Modelling floods

This research focuses on the development of methods to understand, model and mitigate the risk of flooding. Specific interests span across a wide range of scales, from grain-scale fundamental questions through local (e.g. urban flooding) to large-scale flooding problems. Research activities are strongly based on a combination of theory, experimentation and the development and application of computational models. A significant part of the current work involves the development of innovative methods to model flood propagation problems at high-performance. These algorithms are designed to make efficient use of increasingly vast amounts of data and computational resources available.

Flood modelling
Interactions between river flow, sediment transport and morphodynamics

This research aims at developing a thorough understanding of flow-sediment interactions in rivers and their effects on channel morphology over a range of temporal and spatial scales. Research activities include the development and application of river hydraulics-morphodynamics computational models, laboratory experimentation as well as the analysis of field data. The combination of these three methods has proved extremely helpful to unveil important mechanisms governing complex morphodynamic phenomena such as the behaviour of pools and riffles in rivers.

Water-structure interactions

This research focuses on different interactions between river hydraulics, sediment transport and engineering structures, and is strongly based on experimental methods. A specific component of this research looks at the mechanics of floating debris accumulation around bridge piers and its effects in increasing the risk of flooding and the potential failure of the bridge. The detailed understanding of these fundamental phenomena is key to improve our ability to perform accurate simulations of flood flow problems in many urban areas.

Velocity measurements

Research group

Water and Environmental Engineering Group

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CENV2008 (module coordinator)

CENV3063 (module coordinator)

CENV6162 (module coordinator)

Dr Gustavo A. M. de Almeida
Engineering, University of Southampton, Southampton Boldrewood Innovation Campus, Burgess Road, Southampton, SO16 7QF

Room Number: 178/5013/B1

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