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Professor Paul Kemp

Professor Paul Kemp

Professor of Ecological Engineering

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Address: Boldrewood Campus, Burgess Road, SO16 7QF (View in Google Maps)


Paul Kemp is a Professor of Ecological Engineering at the University of Southampton. His research relates to understanding the complex systems linked to integrated natural resource management, particularly in relation to marine and freshwater fisheries, and how shocks (e.g. infrastructure development, climate change, pandemics) can influence those systems. Specific applications relate to how understanding of the behavioural ecology of fish can help solve challenges in sustainable water and energy engineering, particularly on how the physical environment influences the behaviour and physiological performance of fish, and how manipulation of that environment by engineering means can be used to mitigate for negative impacts of water and energy resource development. Paul has several senior leadership roles acting as the Director of the International Centre for Ecohydraulics Research, Centres for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Infrastructure Systems and Sustainable Infrastructure for Cities, and the University of Southampton’s Future Towns Innovation Hub.

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