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The University of Southampton
Sport and Wellbeing

Case studies

Confused as to which membership might be right for you?  Take a look at the case studies below:

Case Study 1:  I play basketball for the University team and train regularly in the Jubilee Sports Centre gym to keep my fitness levels up. My timetable is quite flexible so I generally workout mid-morning or early afternoon when the gym is quieter. Which membership should I be purchasing?

It would be beneficial for you to buy the Frequent Fitness membership which enables you to play and attend training sessions for the University basketball team. You can also access the gym during the off-peak hours which are Monday – Friday 07.00-16.00 and 20.00-22.00 and 07.00-22.00 on weekends. This membership allows access to all of the gyms which include the Jubilee Sports Centre, Mayflower gym, Team Southampton Gym, Connaught Gym and Glen Eyre Gym.

Case Study 2:  I am not sure what I want to do yet as I am not really that sporty. I might go swimming occasionally and possible try a few classes. What are my options?

It would be best to try the pay as you go option initially to see how frequently you would like to attend. You can buy multiple sessions for swimming and fitness classes which will ease booking. Booking for classes will be up to 2 days in advance for non-members. If you are thinking about attending a class or swimming more than once a week then it would be more beneficial to look at buying a membership. If you are just interested in both swimming and attending classes regularly the Peak Performer is the best option.

Case study 3:  I am going to be living at the Mayflower Halls and studying at NOCS. What is my best option for membership? I don’t intend to participate in AU/IM activities

The best option for you is the Workout Central which gives access to the Mayflower gym and all of the Active Nation facilities, which include the Quays Swimming and Diving complex, Bitterne Leisure Park, Chamberlayne Leisure Centre and the Southampton Sports Centre.

Case Study 4:  As a member of staff I attend the gym and classes mainly in the morning and at lunchtimes, I also sometimes attend a few classes in the evenings when possible around work commitments. Which membership suits me best?

You could buy a Frequent Fitness membership and then if you would like to attend an evening class you can pay as you go. However if you are regularly wanting to attend an evening class then it would be more beneficial for you to upgrade to the Peak Performer membership.

Case Study 5:  I only use the martial arts studio for my sport and attend club sessions. Do I need a membership?

Yes you would need to purchase a sports pass to attend club sessions in this facility.

Case study 6:  I think I might do some Intra-Mural sport and possibly join a club if I am good enough at trials. What are my options for membership?

If you are just thinking Intra-Mural sport and club session then the sports pass would be the best option for you. If you are looking to use the other facilities such as the gym and swimming to get fitter then you would need to look at buying either the Peak Performer or Frequent Fitness membership depending on what times you would like to attend.

Case Study 7:  I am part of the focus sport programme and play as part of an AU team.  Which membership do I need?

The Sports Pass will allow access to your club sessions and focus sports sessions in the TSG gym.

Case Study 8:  I only use the bouldering wall as part of the mountaineering club.  Which membership do I require?

The Sports Pass will give you access to the bouldering wall.

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