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Sport and gym memberships for students

Our affordable sport and gym memberships help University of Southampton students keep fit and active. Join a yoga class, swim some lengths or work out in our gyms.

You qualify for a student membership if you’re enrolled on one of our courses or graduated from Southampton less than a year ago.

You can buy a membership online or in person at of our centres.

Buy a membership

Or get your membership at Jubilee Sports Centre or Mayflower Gym.

Student membership

If you plan to use our sports facilities or join activities regularly, you could spend less on each session with a membership.

Student membership costs £209 a year. 

What a student membership gives you

Sign up for a student membership to get access to:

  • all University gyms
  • the Jubilee Sports Centre swimming pool
  • all racket sports
  • all fitness classes
  • outdoor sports at Wide Lane
  • discounted watersports courses
  • Student Union matches and training

A membership also lets you use another 3 gyms and 2 pools across Southampton for no extra cost. Consent to us sharing your name and email to use these Active Nation facilities

You can also get access to university gyms nationwide.

Your other student membership options

Membership for 1 month

You can pay monthly for £20.99 a month, plus a £10 joining fee.

You must sign up for at least 1 month and can then cancel at any time. 

Monthly membership does not include Student Union matches, Active Nation facilities or university gyms nationwide.

Mayflower Gym membership

You can also choose to join only to use the Mayflower Gym for £15.99 a month, plus a £10 joining fee.

Personal training membership

You can buy personal training membership for £99.95 a month.

This gives you the same benefits as standard membership, but also entitles you to weekly 1-hour sessions with a personal trainer. Find out more about personal training.

Ask about personal training membership at Jubilee Sports Centre reception.

Sports Pass

Take part in team games without a sport and gym membership. To play competitively or for fun using our facilities, get a Sports Pass.

Register with Southampton Sport to get a Sports Pass

What a Sports Pass gives you

The Sports Pass gives you access to:

To train for a sport for fun, get an Intramural Team Pass.

Pay as you go

You can use many of our sports facilities without a membership. If you only plan to use our pool or gyms occasionally, you can pay each time you use them.

As a student, you pay £5.99 for each gym or swim session.

You can also choose to pay for classes.

To pay as you go, you need to register for free with Southampton Sport.

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