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The University of Southampton
Sport and Wellbeing

Further information about the new memberships

Why have these changes been implemented?

How have you consulted with the student body/Union?

This has been developed over the tenure of 3 VP Sports, and has been discussed at length at the Sports Experience Board, which includes Union representation.  In addition it has been the subject of student focus groups.

I am currently a member and my membership will continue past the 1st August 2017, what will happen?

Your membership will be transferred to a Peak Performer membership so you will not have a reduction in facility access.  When you renew, you can then choose the level of membership appropriate to your needs.

Doing sport at the University is already expensive, these changes will only make it worse.  How do you justify the changes that have been made?

Firstly, it is important to recognise that sport is an important part of University life for a large number of students, and it impacts greatly on their student experience.  The new membership model will provide the flexibility to students to purchase the membership that best reflects their requirements and this may be significantly cheaper for many - the only group that will pay more are those accessing gym space at peak times, many of these users access the facilities more often and therefore get better value over a year (paying less per usage).

This has been in discussion for a very long time, why has it taken so long to implement?

The initial plans were scoped a while ago, we have then worked with the University to get a project team established to assess how we could move from our current membership model to the new packages.  It was identified that we needed to get a new membership system to  implement the changes and this has required cross University support from iSolutions and been subject to a rigorous tender process.

Will there be any other changes?

Yes, as well as the new membership structure we will be upgrading our online booking system, introducing a new Sport and Wellbeing app which will enable you to easily make bookings and find out information on the go, improving the process for buying membership online and introducing kiosks for booking and printing your class ticket.

What activities are affected by the peak period?

Swimming, gym access (JSC, Mayflower and TSG), all classes, all casual bookings in the squash courts, Team Southampton Hall, Jubilee Sports Hall and Wide Lane and access to the Bouldering Wall will be affected by the Peak Period.  If you do not have Peak Performance membership (or Workout Central for the Mayflower Gym and Mayflower Classes) then you can still access these activities/bookings during the peak time, but will need to pay the non-member price.

Will there be differential pricing for 'Pay as you Go' for peak and off-peak?

No, this will be that same regardless of the time you are accessing the facility.

How will AU Club Sailing and Windsurfing work?  Which membership will they need?

Peak Performer, Frequent Fitness and Sports Pass holders will be able to access the recreational sessions for free, but non-members will need to pay £20.00 per session.

Can I upgrade my membership? (i.e. from Frequent Fitness to Peak Performer)

Yes, you can upgrade at any point.

Can I downgrade my membership? (i.e. from Peak Performer to Frequent Fitness)

No, you will not be able to downgrade your membership during your contracted period.

Does Sport make money for the University?

No, on the contrary. When investment and central functions like HR and Finance are taken in to account, sport is constantly a net cost to the University, especially if you also consider the AU funding supplied at the start of each academic year by the University to the Union for them to distribute to the clubs.

What investments has Sport and Wellbeing made over the last 5 years?

The investments are many and varied - some key ones are:

What membership will I need if I am on the Focus sport programme?

The Sports Pass will give access to Focus Sport sessions but no other gym access.

What membership will I need to access Glen Eyre and Connaught gyms?

Peak Performer and Frequent Fitness will be able to access these gyms between 07:00 and 22:00 (no peak time restriction), although this is subject to review if they get too busy.

If my membership is Frequent Fitness and I want to attend a class, use the gym or have a swim at peak time (16:00-20:00), what do I pay?

You would pay the Pay As You Go (PAYG) price.

Will first year Alumni still be able to purchase membership at the Student Rate?

Yes.  Alumni, in their first year after finishing their course, can have membership at the same rate as students.

Are the times for the Frequent Fitness membership adjusted throughout the year to take into account the reduced usage/ capacity issues and reduced opening hours over University closure periods, bank holidays and term times?

No, the times will remain the same.  This has been taken in to account when the prices were decided.


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