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  • World class research

    We publish in journals such as Academy of Management Journal and Academy of Management Review.

  • Research grant success

    We won a £15m research grant to nurture talent in the sustainable application of artificial intelligence.

    Source: Southampton awarded millions to lead AI revolution

  • Technology focus

    Leading teaching and research on the businesses can use new technologies, such as artificial intelligence.

About the department

The Department of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship’s at the heart of a top 100 global university. We’re the 15th best for entrepreneurship research in the UK.

We’ve built a solid reputation based on impactful interdisciplinary research in the areas of entrepreneurship, business strategy, innovation and equality, diversity and inclusion. We're well networked and work closely with businesses at the local, national and international level. In 2023 for example, we helped Ecotec define its strategy for new product development and market feasibility leading to a new spinoff.

Our academics:

Students on our undergraduate, postgraduate and research degree programmes learn through a combination of face-to-face teaching and online instruction (blended learning). They’re given opportunities to apply what they’ve learned in practical ways, including co-creation projects where they can develop and implement business projects with a variety of stakeholders.

With an emphasis on global dynamics, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, we equip our graduates with the skills and knowledge to become successful entrepreneurs who can adapt to a rapidly changing global business environment. 

Our research

Drawing on economics, philosophy and other disciplines, we look at wider trends in entrepreneurship and how economic and social value is created. Our research approach offers practical insights that directly relates to real business needs.

The scientific knowledge that we produce also helps businesses grow in a way that considers the impact on wider society and the natural world.

We publish in journals ranked highly for citations such as the Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, British Journal of Management, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice and Journal of Business Venturing and Organization Science.

We have cultivated a supportive and inclusive research environment, which encourages interdisciplinary collaboration. We also look outwardly, working closely with a large international network of leading academics and industry experts.

Research themes

Our department’s areas of inquiry are wide-ranging, but generally fall within 3 main themes.

  • Innovation and philosophy of entrepreneurship
  • We contribute to the conceptual foundations of scientific disciplines.

  • Sustainable entrepreneurship

We work towards developing a more sustainable, equal and ethical model of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurial opportunities

We develop and test strategies that help entrepreneurs spot promising business ideas and navigate an uncertain business environment.


We provided expertise in business strategy and entrepreneurial management to local, national, and international businesses in 2023. This included businesses in the energy and healthcare sectors and both startups and mature enterprises.

We offered advice and formal support through knowledge transfer partnerships, internships, and student projects.

Connecting with digital health customers

We worked with Context Health Ltd, a London-based digital health company who were seeking novel strategic approaches to enter the US market. We helped them identify and connect with potential customers, which led to a potential pilot opportunity in 2024.

Launching a food-based product

We assisted a New Forest-based chef entrepreneur identify the Republic of Ireland as the most strategic location for his new food-based product company RexJet Ltd. We supported his application for support from Enterprise Ireland.

Winning customers for an AI startup
We advised two Southampton Business School students on the launch of startup company SparkAI Ltd, supporting them on their journey to winning their first customers.

Offering new horse welfare solutions

Finally, we supported two separate companies in Southampton’s region, Cutter & Fox Ltd, and Studfast Ltd to offer innovative horse welfare product solutions for the equestrian market.

Our teaching

Our degree programmes use engaging coursework and blended learning methodologies to prepare students for successful careers as entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial managers, innovators and business strategists. Students learn how to create, operate and manage a business, as well as how to recognise and act on opportunities.

They work with immersive business simulations, get hands-on experience of product development and hear from influential business leaders through frequent guest lectures. There are also opportunities for students to apply what they’ve learned while co-creating projects with industry.

Overall, our degrees ensure that students are highly employable. Through our various placement opportunities and close links with industry our students are able to launch successful careers.

At the end of their coursework, graduates are equipped to:

  • recognise opportunities and cultivate innovation
  • champion sustainable and socially responsible business practices
  • successfully navigate uncertainty and benefit from global business dynamics

Equality and inclusion

The values of equality, diversity and inclusion are at the very heart of everything we do. This includes our research, teaching and engagement with the business world and the broader community.

Our courses

Research and enterprise

Find out about the University’s wider research in business, our enterprise activities and the centres we’re involved in.

Our research community

Find out about centres and groups we’re involved with, including detailed information about their research projects.


We’re one of the leading UK departments for entrepreneurial management, both in terms of research excellence and student popularity.
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