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Consultative Health and Safety Committee 2023-24

Terms of Reference and Constitution 

1. Origin 

  • Set out where the body came from, why it was set up, by whom and what type of body it is, for example, Committee of Council. 
  • State if there is a legislative or regulatory requirement for the existence of this body and provide details if so. 

2. Purpose 

  • To provide an opportunity to discuss general matters of health and safety with those representing the workforce in order to drive a positive health & Safety culture.   
  • The Chair is responsible for ensuring that any equality impacts against each project/policy/process/procedure have been considered as part of the decision-making process. 

3. Responsibilities and activity 

  • To consider and comment on existing and emerging trends, changes to policy and operational concerns raised by Union Safety Representatives or other members of staff or students.
  • To obtain feedback and relay comments about health and safety matters.   
  • To meet a minimum of three times a year with minutes and recommendations of those meetings reported to the University Executive Board.  
  • Ensure the body is fit for purpose by performing an effectiveness review every three years. 
  • Identify any financial authority attributed to the body. 
  • This Group discharges the legal obligation for consultation required by the Safety Representatives and Safety Committee Regulations 1977. 

4. Reporting arrangements 

  • To report to the Vice-Chancellor via the University Executive Board.  
  • Frequency of reporting 
  • Which bodies, if any, report to this body.  

5. Constitution 

  • Chair: Vice-President (Operations) 

(Member and representative of the University Executive) 

  • Vice-Chair(A senior academic i.e. a Dean) 
  • 6 x Union Safety representatives:
    • Two representatives of UCU
    • Two representatives of UNISON  
    • Two representatives of UNITE  
  • Executive Director Risk, Safety & Resilienceor nominee  
  • Director Health & Safety Operations (ex-officio) 
  • Executive Director of Estates and Facilities or senior nominee
  • Executive Director of Human Resources or Employee Relations nominee  
  • See Annex 1 for current membership  

Quorum and frequency 


  • Quoracy is a minimum attendance of 1/3 of the membership plus 1 person, plus any defined roles [roles are optional] to be able to take decisions where appropriate. 

Frequency of meetings 

  • To meet a minimum of three times per academic year.  


  • Secretariat support provided by Governance Services