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Negotiating Committees 2023-24

Joint Negotiating Committee 

1. Agreement was reached with the University’s recognised Trade Unions that a “Joint JNC (Joint Negotiating Committee)” shall be set up, comprising representatives from the University’s senior leadership team and the recognised Trade Unions, to provide a forum for communication, consultation and negotiation (as appropriate) on matters within their shared remit. 

2. Agreements recommended by this Committee will be submitted, without undue delay, by each side for appropriate ratification and will, when so ratified by both sides, be operative. 

3. Membership of the Joint JNC will be up to five members appointed by the University and two representatives from each of the recognised Trade Unions.   

Representing the University: 

  • Vice-President 
  • Chief Operating Officer, or their nominee who will be an Executive Director or member of UEB 
  • Executive Director of People and Strategy, or their nominee who will not otherwise be an appointed member of the committee 
  • Head of Employee Relations  

Representing the Trade Unions: 

  • Two union representatives from each of UCU, Unite and Unison plus relevant Regional Full Time Officer, if available.  

With the consent of both sides, and normally following advance notice, advisers may be present at meetings of the Committee. 

4. For a meeting to be quorate, a minimum of 2 representatives from the University (including one of the Vice-President or COO) and 1 representative from each Trade Union must be in attendance. 

5. The Joint JNC will establish regular dates for meetings to be held, not less frequently than three times per year (normally in October, February and May) to deal with matters notified to it by either side.  Further meetings may be arranged by the Committee, if required.  In exceptional circumstances, emergency meetings may be held at the request of either side in writing, specifying the nature of the matter to be raised. 

6. Reasonable notice will be given in the event of additional or emergency meetings, normally at least 10 working days.  

7. The Chair of the Committee alternates between the University and the Trade Unions for each meeting. 

8. Members are required to bring to the attention of the Chair any conflict of interest or potential conflict they may have with any items on the agenda and this will be minuted.  

9. A member of the University’s HR Team will attend each meeting as note-taker. Other individuals may be in attendance as required. 

10. The University and the Trade Union Teams will each appoint a Joint Secretary to act on its behalf. 

11. The Joint Secretaries will each be responsible for co-ordinating and agreeing agenda items on behalf of their respective teams. 

12. Individual staff cases shall be dealt with through the established procedures and shall be considered by the JJNC only when there are matters of general principle raised by them.   

13. Approximately 15 working days before the date of the next meeting, the Joint Secretaries will meet to agree the items for inclusion on the agenda.     

14. The agenda item “any other business” will be used for urgent matters which have arisen after the agenda has been agreed and circulated.   

15. No less than 10 working days before the date of the next meeting, the University Secretary or their nominated deputy will distribute the agreed joint agenda and relevant documents to attendees by email.  As far as possible, papers will be circulated in advance for review and not presented to attendees on the day of the meeting. 

16. Following the meeting, draft minutes will be prepared and passed directly to the Joint Secretaries to review and agree.  

17. The minutes will record the following: 

  • a) Date, time and location of the meeting
  • b) Attendees, apologies and absentees
  • c) For each agenda item a short summary of the salient points
  • d) Assigned actions including the person responsible and timeframe or date for completion
  • e) Decisions made including the rationale for decision and the date when the agreement will take effect
  • f) A note of any adjournments
  • g) Date, time and location of the next meeting 

18. Within 10 working days of the date of the meeting, the Joint Secretaries will forward the final draft of the minutes to the meeting Chair for review and comment. 

19. 10 working days from when the minutes are finalised and approved by the Joint Secretaries. The University Secretary will circulate to attendees for reference in order to progress with agreed action points.  These minutes will be presented to the next Joint JNC meeting for formal ratification. 


Document Owner: Human Resources/Employee Relation 

Last Updated: June 2017 

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