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The University of Southampton
Advanced Composite Materials Facility

Combinatorial synthesis and high throughput screening of perovskite electrocatalysts

Perovskite cell structure
Perovskite cell structure

The aim of this project is to investigate new electrocatalytic materials which can be employed to improve the efficiency of low-cost current fuel cell and electrolyser catalysts. Bifunctional activity towards both the Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) and Oxygen Evolution Reaction (OER) in alkali media is of particular interest. This work focuses on transition metal oxide materials with mixed valence states, such as those with the perovskite or spinel structures.  

Thin film perovskite materials 

Thin films of the perovskite/spinel materials are prepared using High Throughput Physical Vapour Deposition (HT-PVD) and thoroughly characterised, before electrochemically screening using high-throughput voltametric techniques. Activity towards the OER, ORR, and bifunctional activity is then correlated to various physical and chemical properties, allowing identification of active sites. In parallel, theoretical simulations performed by partners in the University of Southampton are used to gain a further insight into the nature of compositions which achieve optimal electrocatalytic performance.

This work is supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council JUICED Hub (EP/R023662/1) and is carried out in collaboration with research groups in the University of Southampton, University College London, Birmingham University, and Loughborough University.



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