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Dr Eugen Stulz PhD, MSRC

Associate Professor in Bio-organic and Materials Chemistry

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Dr Eugen Stulz is Associate Professor in Bio-organic and Materials Chemistry within Chemistry at the University of Southampton.



Eugen Stulz graduated from the University of Bern (Switzerland) in 1994, where he subsequently studied for a Ph.D. under the supervision of Prof. Christian J. Leumann. His thesis was concerned with the evaluation of artificial nucleases based on zirconium(iv) complexes. In 1999, he moved to Cambridge (UK) as a Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) Postdoctoral fellow to the group of Prof. Jeremy K. M. Sanders, working in the field of supramolecular chemistry and dynamic combinatorial libraries using phosphine-substituted porphyrins. During this time, he also held a part-time teaching position at Anglia Polytechnic University, and an Advanced Research position. In 2003, he moved to the University of Basel (Switzerland) as a Lecturer (Habilitand) with a Fellowship of the Treubel Foundation Basel and started his independent research in the field of supramolecular chemistry using DNA as scaffold for novel functional molecules. In 2006, he was appointed Lecturer in Chemistry at the University of Southampton, promoted Senior Lecturer in 2010 and Associate Professor in 2014.

In addition to >60 research papers, Eugen Stulz has been author of several invited review articles, of an invited book chapter contribution, and has been invited editor of a special theme issue on DNA nanotechnology in CSR in 2011. In 2003 he was also awarded the SYNTHESIS/SYNLETT Journal Award by Thieme, Germany. Currently he is editing a book for Wiley “DNA in Supramolecular Chemistry and Nanotechnology” (to be published 2015).

The high quality of our research is regularly acknowledged by prizes for our group members. In particular the highly prestigious Roscoe Medal at the "Set for Britain" event 2010 for best chemistry poster presentation (Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, UK Parliament), as well as an EPSRC sponsored NanoKTN prize and several UG and PG prizes have been awarded to the group. We have been highlighted by professional bodies such as the EPSRC Mass Spectrometry Centre Swansea, Diamond Light Source (annual reports), by the RSC in Chemistry World and in the Southampton “New Boundaries” research magazine.

Eugen Stulz is member of the USRG NanoScience, the Institute for Life Sciences, invited member of the Steering Committee Diamond Light Source B23 (CD spectroscopy), and invited member of the Diamond Peer Review Panel 2 (Soft Condensed Matter).










Molecular Diognostics and Therapeutics
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Dr Eugen Stulz's personal home page

The general research interests in the Stulz group are concerned with bio-nanotechnology using chemically modified DNA as template. Most notably we have pioneered the use of porphyrin-DNA for applications in energy / electron transfer, DNA structure analysis and as lipid anchor. General aspects of DNA origami technology play a key role in our research, and functional DNA is being explored in this aspect. The research, which can be termed DNA nanoarchitectonics, is highly interdisciplinary, and reaches into materials science, nanotechnology, analytical science, and into biological sciences.

We are also interested in nanotechnology using silver nanoprisms as sensors and as energy converting systems. Together with Engineering, we are developing the use of flow-through micro reactor technology for the reliable synthesis of nanoparticles. These are further functionalised for embedding in polymers, or conjugation to bio-molecules such as DNA or proteins.
Our collaborative research in the field of DNA origami to create artificial nano-pores has been the focus point of a recent press release:

University of Southampton Press Release

School of Chemistry Press release

Scientist Live

Science Daily


Drug Discovery & Development

In addition we have been highlighted in the UoS “New Boundaries” (June 2014) and "New Boundaries Chemistry", which is a research magazine aiming at promoting high profile and future directing research at UoS.

Research keywords

DNA nanotechnology, DNA nanoarchitectonics, supramolecular chemistry, DNA origami, porphyrins, nucleotide therapeutics

Research grants

2014-2018 A*STAR ARAP and UoS “Development of a modular DNAorigami based cell targeting system for cancer therapy”; E. Stulz, P. L Bigliardi (CRUSAR/IMB Singapore), M. Bigliardi-Qi (IMB Singapore), B. Rout, Brendan Burkett (ICES Singapore). (£90k)                    

2013-2015 Marie Skłodowska-Curie IEF “Functional DNA nanomaterials”. (€231k)

2012-2017 BBSRC sLoLa “Extending the Boundaries of Nucleic Acid Chemistry”; E. Stulz, K. Fox, A. Tavassoli; Oxford: T. Brown (PI), A. Turberfield, J. Mellor, R. Klose, E. Fodor, A. Kapanidis. (£4.2M)

2012-2016 A*STAR ARAP and UoS “Chemically Tagged DNA probes for sensing of DNA methylation biomarkers using Lab-on-a-chip; E. Stulz, M. K. Park (IME Singapore). (£85k)

2012-2015 EU Interreg “A-I Chem Channel” D.C. Harrowven, R.C.D. Brown, B. Linclau, R.J. Whitby, R. Raja, E. Stulz, P.A. Gale. (£614k)

2012-2013 USRG NanoScience “Validation of structure and theoretical model of chemically modified DNA”; E. Stulz, S. Khalid. (£15k)

2011-2013 Leverhulme Trust “Sizing forensic nucleotide repeat sequences with nanopores”; E. Stulz, S. Howorka (UCL). (£113k)

2010-2012 EPSRC “Feasibility Account: DNA nano-biotechnology”; E. Stulz, A. Turberfield (Oxford). (£252k)

2008-2012 BBSRC DTA “G-quadruplexes stabilised by porphyrins”. (£84k)

2008-2011 EPSRC “Molecular Software and Hardware for Programmed Chemical Synthesis”; E. Stulz, A. Turberfied (Oxford), R. O’Reilly (Warwick). (£271k)

2007-2010 EPSRC CASE DTA with ATDbio, “FRET-Analysis of DNA using conformationally restricted metal complexes”. (£63k)

2007-2010 EPSRC “Software-controlled assembly of oligomers”; E. Stulz, A. Turberfied (Oxford), R. O’Reilly (Warwick). (£203k)

Research group

Chemical Biology, Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Research project(s)

Stulz: DNA as supramolecular scaffold for porphyrin arrays

Innovative Synthesis, Culture and Entrepreneurship in Chemistry (ISCE-Chem)

Nanoparticles for energy saving glazing

Nanoparticle based coating is a step towards energy saving glazing.

Member of the USRG Nanoscience; member of the Institute for Life Sciences; invited member of the Diamond B23 Steering Committee and Diamond Soft Matter Village Peer Review Panel.

PhD projects:

Development of a modular DNA-origami based cell targeting system for cancer therapy
Lauren Sargisson; 2014-2018
Funding: UoS / A*STAR ARAP Singapore
Supervisors: Eugen Stulz; Paul L Bigliardi, Clinical Research Unit for Skin, Allergy and Regeneration CRUSAR/IMB; Mei Bigliardi-Qi, IMB; Bhimsen Rout, ICES; Brendan Burkett, ICES

Chemically Tagged DNA probes for sensing of DNA methylation biomarkers using Lab-on-a-chip technology
Joanna P. Pursey; 2012-2016
Funding: UoS / A*STAR ARAP Singapore
Supervisors: Eugen Stulz; Mi Kyoung Park, Institute of Microelectronics

Developing DNA nano structures for templated synthesis of electronic wires
James W. Wood; 2011-2015
Funding: UoS Strategic re-investment funds
Supervisor: Eugen Stulz

Synthesis and characterisation of nano-composites for applications in energy-efficient coatings
Michele Carboni; 2010-2014
Funding: SES DTA / EU Interreg “A-I Chem Channel”
Supervisors: Eugen Stulz; Xunli Zhang, School of Engineering Sciences Soton

Key Publications



Book Chapter

Lecture involvement in the organic teaching section:

CHEM1011 / CHEM1015 / CHEM 2005 / CHEM2008 Tutorials, Workshops, Lab teaching

CHEM2001 Organic Reaction Mechanisms

CHEM2011 Synthetic Biology

CHEM3004 / CHEM6093 Organic Materials Chemistry

CHEM6104 Supramolecular Chemistry

CHEM6090 MChem in-house project (course coordinator)

Other roles:

Year 3 and 4 Tutor. Current Committee memberships include SSLC and SCPAB.

Dr Eugen Stulz
Chemistry University of Southampton Highfield Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number:30/5028

Telephone:(023) 8059 9369

Dr Eugen Stulz's personal home page
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