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Dr Nuria Garcia-Araez 

Associate professor of electrochemistry

Dr Nuria Garcia-Araez's photo

Nuria Garcia-Araez is an associate professor in electrochemistry at Southampton. She has a multidisciplinary background on fundamental electrochemistry and in-situ characterization techniques and her current interests are the development of the next generation of rechargeable batteries, with focus on lithium-oxygen and lithium-sulfur batteries, and new methods of lithium production and recycling.



Nuria Garcia-Araez obtained her first-class degree in Chemistry in 2002 at the University of Alicante (Spain), where she also got her Ph.D. in 2007 in the field of single-crystal electrochemistry under the supervision of Prof. Juan Feliu and Dr. Victor Climent. Then, she received a Marie-Curie Intra-European Fellowship and a postdoctoral fellowship by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation to work in the group of Prof. Huib Bakker at AMOLF and Prof. Marc Koper at Leiden University (The Netherlands) on the application of optical and nonlinear optical techniques to study the structure and dynamics of water near ions and at electrochemical interfaces. In 2011, she obtained a senior scientist position in the group of Prof. Petr Novak at the Paul Scherrer Institut in Switzerland to study lithium-air batteries. In 2012 she joined the University of Southampton as assistant professor and in 2019 she was promoted to associate professor. Over the course of her career, she has been awarded 9 academic prizes, including the Best Spanish Young Electrochemist award by CIDETEC in 2012. In 2016, she received a prestigious Early Career Researcher Fellowship by the EPSRC.

Research interests

Garcia-Araez’s most recent research is focused on the development of lithium-oxygen and lithium-sulphur batteries with the potential of delivering 5 times more energy than current lithium-ion batteries of the same weight. Her research approach is to gain a fundamental understanding of the complex reaction mechanism, identifying the bottlenecks in performance, and developing innovative solutions targeted to solve these limitations. She has also been involved in the development of a new method for lithium battery recycling (patented in 2014), and in developing high performance lithium-ion batteries by tuning the structure and composition. She has also extensive experience in developing sophisticated spectroscopic techniques to study in-situ electrochemical processes, in some cases with femtosecond time resolution. She has also extensive knowledge on interfacial thermodynamics, single-crystal electrodes, electrocatalysis and she is the co-inventor of a new method of nanoparticle synthesis (patented in 2011).

Research group


Research project(s)

Garcia-Araez: Fundamental development of Li-O2 and Li-S batteries

Garcia-Araez: A new method of lithium production and recycling

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-CHEM1040: Introduction to Analytical Chemistry (for first and second year students)

-CHEM3046: Advanced Practical Chemistry (for third year students)

-CHEM6110: Applications of Electrochemistry (for fourth year students)

-CHEM8031/6022: Introduction to Electrochemistry (for MSc and PhD students)

-CHEM8027/6135: Practical Techniques in Electrochemistry (for MSc and PhD students)

-FEEG6026: Fundamentals of Energy Storage (for students from the CDT in Energy Storage and its Applications)

-Southampton Electrochemistry Summer School (for PhD students and researchers in electrochemistry from all over the world)



Dr Nuria Garcia-Araez
Chemistry University of Southampton Highfield Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number : 29/7001

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