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Geophysics (MSc)

Master of Science
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Academic year
2025 / 2026 Course subject to approval

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Geophysics plays a key role in understanding what lies beneath the earth's surface. This knowledge is vital for large engineering projects such as wind farms, carbon dioxide capture and storage, and hydrogen storage complexes.

With our geophysics master's degree course, you'll learn how to apply the geophysical techniques needed to sustainably explore Earth’s resources. You'll be studying the part of our planet’s subsurface which is essential to moving forward with the energy transition, and helping to transform the lives of others by decarbonising our economy. The skills, knowledge and experience you gain from this course will help you start a successful career in geophysics.

You'll be based at our Waterfront Campus at The National Oceanography Centre Southampton (NOCS), one of the world's largest centres for marine education and research. Here you'll have access to research vessels, the latest technology and facilities which will help you to broaden your skills and knowledge.

You'll develop your understanding of modern survey methods, and gain experience in planning surveys. You'll also gather, process and analyse data which is critical to enabling safe and efficient development.

As an MSc Geophysics student, you can benefit from:

  • access to industry-standard equipment and software
  • assessment and teaching techniques which reflect the workplace
  • opportunities to apply theory to real-world scenarios
  • training across multiple disciplines, including how to communicate with a range of end users

Become a leader in geophysics

The geophysics industry is growing fast, and there have been increased calls for trained geoscientists. Our School of Ocean and Earth Science has a strong history of research and training in the field, pioneering methods in environmental and marine geophysics. We also have excellent partnerships in offshore renewables and the carbon capture and storage sectors. 

By working with employers in high-resolution geophysics, you can access research and career opportunities which will enable an exciting, challenging and fulfilling future in a rapidly developing field.