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Entry requirements

Each of our undergraduate programmes has specific entry requirements expressed in terms of UK A levels; however, as we welcome many applicants from around the world, we are used to considering a wide range of national and international qualifications.

To find up-to-date entry requirements for your chosen degree, please refer to the individual programme listings.

If your qualification isn't listed there, or on this page, you can still apply through UCAS or contact us directly to discuss your application.

International applicants may also need to provide evidence of English-language ability - visit the English language entry requirements page for more information.

Detailed admissions information can also be found on the applications and admissions section of the University website, including specific information about mature applicants and students with disabilities, entry by Access qualification and A2S. See also our page of advice for mature applicants to English.

Alternative qualifications

Most of our applicants follow the A-level route; however, some UK applicants, and many international applicants, may have taken different routes. Some of the more common alternative qualifications are listed below, with equivalences and comments.

UK qualifications

Access courses
We welcome mature applicants entering by the Access course route, and always take their applications seriously. However, because these are wide-spectrum courses, and don't cover as much material as an English A-level, we'll normally be looking for evidence of wider reading on the English side; applicants will be interviewed and asked for a sample of their written work to help us make a decision. (For alternatives to Access study, see our page of advice for mature applicants to English.)
Requirement: Distinction overall, or distinction in 40 credits at Level 3, including 2 modules of English literature.

Irish Leaving Certificate
We require A1, A1, A1, A1, A1, A2 at Higher Level.

Scottish Highers
We require AAABB from Scottish Highers plus AB from Scottish Advanced Highers, including an A in Scottish Advanced Higher English literature.

Southampton Foundation Year
Pass at 65 per cent.

Welsh Baccalaureate
For single honours English, we require a Pass plus AB at A Level, including A in English;  for other combinations with English, a Pass plus AB at A Level in English and (for History, Music, and Modern Languages) the other subject in the combination.

EC qualifications

Danish Studentereksamen
For English and its combinations, we ask for 10 overall, with 10-12 in English and (where relevant) the related subject.

Dutch VWO
For all courses, we require 7.5 overall, with 8 in English.

European Baccalaureate
For English and all its combinations, we require an overall average of 85 per cent, with 9 in English.

French Baccalaureate
Since the regular 'French Bac' does not contain an English literature component, we strongly prefer you to take the IOB (French Bac with International option); for this, we require an overall average of 13 points, including 14 in English.

Most of our applicants from Luxembourg have attended the University of Luxembourg for one or two years, with English language and literature as a major subject. Successful completion of the first year meets our entry qualifications for year 1, and these applicants don't need an additional English language qualification to meet the University's language requirements; but candidates are judged on their individual merits.

German Abitur
For single honours English and all combinations except English/Music, 1.6-1.4 points; for English/Music, 1.8-1.6 points.

Greek Apolyterion
For single honours English and all combinations with English, we require 19 points overall, in addition to AA or AB in two A levels (including English);for English/Music, 19 points and BB in two A-Levels, or 18 points plus AB.

International Baccalaureate
We require 34 points overall, 17 at higher level (including 6 in English) for English and all its combinations apart from English/Music; for English/Music, we ask for 32 points overall, 16 at higher level (including 6 in English and Music).

Irish Leaving Certificate
For English and its combinations apart from English/Music, we ask for A1 x  5 (inc. English Literature), A2 x 1; for English/Music, A1 x 4 (inc. English Literature), A2 x 2.

Italian Diploma di Maturita/Esame di Stato
We require 90% per cent overall.

Spanish Titulo di Bachillerato
For English and its combinations, we require 8.0, with 8.5 in English. 

Swedish Avgangs-betyg
For all courses, we require VG (pass with distinction), with MVG in English.

USA qualifications

These don't line up easily with A level qualifications, and we treat every application on its individual merits. However, we prefer you to have taken Advanced Placement Tests in the relevant subjects (preferably three, with an average grade of 4.5 for English and its combinations apart from English/Music, 4 for English/Music). In SATS, we would look for 600 in SAT1 in verbal, maths, written, and a minimum of 600 in SAT subject tests.

Other international qualifications

Norwegian Vitnemal
For English and all its combinations except English/Music, we require 4.5; for English/Music, 4.

Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS)

This national scheme covers the English taught degree programme. Full-time students progressing through their programme will accumulate 120 points per year. If you choose to leave your programme before completion, you may be able to use these credits to gain some exemption from a programme at another university. You may also receive an intermediate award from the University of Southampton (a Certificate in Higher Education for the first year, a Diploma for the second year). If you have CATS points from another institution and want to transfer to Southampton, contact us to see whether any exemption might be available (this will normally be the case only where your previous degree programme was closely compatible in content with the Southampton programme).

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