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The University of Southampton
Fundamental Care

Medicines Management

Our research focuses on promoting safe and effective use of medicines. Major research led by Professor Sue Latter has evaluated non-medical prescribing and has significantly influenced national and international policy.

Our inter-disciplinary, international research aims to provide evidence to support effective management of medicines by patients, carers and health professionals so they are prescribed safely and used by informed patients and carers to manage symptoms and maximise health and well-being. Effective prescribing and patient management of medicines requires good communication and information about medicines, and is an important part of self-management of many conditions. We aim to understand patient and carer experience of managing medicines and health professional – patient interactions about medicines and build on this to develop and evaluate interventions to support best quality medicines management.

Major research led by Professor Sue Latter has evaluated nurse and pharmacist prescribing and has significantly influenced national and international policy. Our research findings were pivotal in persuading the Government to reform prescribing legislation, empowering healthcare professionals to prescribe medicines independently.

Medicines Optimisation
Medicines Optimisation

Our research also includes understanding and evaluating patient-centred interventions to optimise medicines use in co-morbidity, polypharmacy and long term conditions, as well as studies evaluating interventions and experiences of medicines management for patients nearing the end of their lives. A further focus is on understanding and promoting safe and effective prescribing of antimicrobials in hospital, primary, community and out-of-hours settings in order to contribute to global antimicrobial stewardship.

Research in the Medicines Management group is inter-disciplinary: we collaborate with leading academics and clinicians from medicine, pharmacy, psychology, paramedicine and health economics, to deliver important new evidence to influence policy and practice on a critical health care issue. Our studies include systematic reviews, qualitative research, large scale surveys, mixed methods research and feasibility trials.

Our Staff

Professor Sue Latter

Dr Kieran Hand: Associate Professor (Honorary)

Dr Natasha Campling (Lecturer) (Affiliated; Member of Cancer and Life Limiting Conditions Group)

Ms Francine O’Malley (Lecturer)

Ms Annie Herklots (Clinical Teaching Fellow)


External Collaborators

University of Leeds

Cardiff University

University of Bradford

Asthma UK

Southampton University Hospitals Trust

University of Montreal

Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte

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Leydon G., Barnes R., Woods C., Stevenson F., Hayward G., Moore M., Booker M., Stuart B., Little P. Out of Hours Antibiotic Prescribing NIHR School for Primary Care Research. 2018-2020. Collaborator. £445,891 

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