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The University of Southampton
Genomic Informatics

Group members

The Genomic Informatics group has members with diverse backgrounds and research interests. Read more about them here.

Professor Sarah Ennis

Sarah Ennis

Professor of Genomics,Genomic Informatics Group Lead

Working alongside the staff above, the group has many active research students.

Enrico Mossotto
Enrico Mossotto

Enrico Mossotto

I started my career as a researcher with a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology, which I completed in Turin, Italy. During my BSc, I joined a bioinformatics research team who helped me develop my skills in managing biological data. Later on, I started a Master’s degree in Molecular Biotechnology with a particular focus on systems biology, network theory and big data.

My project will exploit advanced mathematical topological data modelling and machine learning methodology for the interrogation of NGS data to reveal clinically relevant information that can be translated back to patient care. Contact Enrico at

Alejandra Vergara Lope

I am currently a postgraduate student enrolled on the integrated research programme in Next Generation Computational Modelling (NGCM) with the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training.

My research involves using a Monte Carlo molecular simulation process as well as other statistical methods to investigate which genes are involved in the development of different diseases. The aim of this research is to develop an analysis that can identify potential disease candidate genes. This would stimulate rapid transition toward ‘personalised’ treatment. Contact Alejandra at

Recently completed students include:

Marcin Knut, 2016 - PhD thesis entitled "RNA-sequencing for investigation of gene fusions and splicing abnormalities in leukemia"

Gaia Andreoletti, 2016 - PhD thesis entitled "Genomic analyses of paediatric inflammatory bowel disease"

Reuben Pengelly, 2015 - PhD thesis entitled "Genomic Data Analysis: populations, patients & pipelines"

Christine Gast, 2015 - PhD thesis entitled "A study of the genetics of chronic kidney disease"

Eleanor Seaby, 2015 - MMedSci dissertation entitled "Challenges in the clinical interpretation of variants derived from whole exome sequencing data"

Rosanna Upstill-Goddard, 2015 - PhD thesis entitled "Genetic dissection of early-onset breast cancer and other genetic diseases"

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