Dr Ramesh Kurukulaaratchy

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • The natural history of asthma and allergy across the lifecourse.Identification of risk factors for asthma and allergy across the lifecourse.Development of risk prediction scores and new diagnostics for asthma.Prevention strategies for asthma and allergy.Phenotyping and endotypic understanding of difficult-to-treat asthma.Understanding the multimorbidity framework of difficult-to-treat asthma.Developing multimodal interventions for difficult-to-treat asthma.

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Accepting applications from PhD students.

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Dr Ramesh Kurukulaaratchy (more commonly known as “Dr Ramesh”) is Associate Professor in Asthma & Allergy at the University of Southampton (UoS), Deputy Director of the David Hide Asthma & Allergy Research Centre (DHAARC), Isle of Wight and an Honorary Consultant clinically specialising in Severe Asthma and Allergy at University Hospital Southampton (UHS) and at St Mary's Hospital Isle of Wight.