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Professor Paul Skipp

Professor Paul Skipp

Professor of Proteomics

Accepting applications from PhD students.

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Paul J. Skipp is a Professor of Proteomics at the University of Southampton and Director of the Centre for Proteomic Research. His research group address a wide range of complex biological problems using proteomics in combination with other omic technologies and data analysis approaches, resulting in 100+ publications, collaborating with academia and industry. A large focus of his research is in the area of clinical proteomics, across the areas of respiratory, allergy, infection and cancer, applying and developing Precision Medicine based approaches to generate a better understanding for the diagnosis, stratification and treatment of disease. He is also founder and Director of TopMD Precision Medicine Ltd, an artificial intelligence company created to advance Precision Medicine through rapid discovery of pathway biomarkers for precise diagnosis and prognosis informing therapeutic treatment.

An updated list of publications can be found here: