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Emeritus Professor Malcolm Higgs

Emeritus Professor Malcolm Higgs

Research interests

  • Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Emotional Intelligence

More research


Professor Malcolm Higgs is Emeritus Professor within Southampton Business School at the University of Southampton. He was Head of Southampton Business School from 2011-2014.

Malcolm is a member of the British Psychological Society and a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and is also actively involved in consulting on leadership, change and assessment with a range of international companies both as an individual consultant and as the founding partner of the consulting firm PDC Associates.

In recent years, Malcolm has been collaborating with colleagues at Erasmus University in Holland, exploring how change is approached in the public sector. This has started as a review of 10 years of literature and has resulted in a paper that has been published in the Journal of Public Administration.

In addition, he has been collaborating with colleagues at Henley Business School (University of Reading). These collaborations have resulted in six conference presentations (two of which were awarded as a best paper) and one has been accepted for publication in a three star journal with two being submitted to three star journals.

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