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Doctor Natalie Wheeler

Doctor Natalie Wheeler

Principal Research Fellow

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Address: B53, West Highfield Campus, University Road, SO17 1BJ (View in Google Maps)


Natalie received the Ph.D. degree from the University of Bath, Bath, U.K., in 2011, on the fabrication and integration of hollow core microstructured optical fibers (HC-MOFs) for use as gas cells in applications including frequency metrology and slow light. In 2010, she started as a Research Fellow in the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) at the University of Southampton, U.K., working on the fabrication of HC-MOFs, initially for telecommunications applications. She has designed and fabricated state-of-the-art HC-MOFs, in terms of loss and bandwidth (both bandgap-guiding and anti-resonant type). These fibres have been used in world-leading transmission experiments, which highlight the potential of HC-MOFs in future high-capacity transmission networks, as well as in novel demonstrations for ultra-high power delivery. She has also led fabrication of HC-MOFs for operation in the mid-IR spectral region and demonstrated an order of magnitude loss reduction compared to previous examples in the literature. She also has a strong interest in gas-filled applications of HC-MOFs and completed the first study into the origin and concentration of gas species that are found in HC-MOFs post-fabrication and, using HC-MOFs for the Mid-IR, published the first realisation of sub-ppm sensitivity in gas-filled HC-MOF.

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