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Doctor Mogib Khedr

Dr Mogib Khedr

Senior Teaching Fellow

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Address: B85, East Highfield Campus, University Road, SO17 1BJ


Current research

I am interested in studying liver stem cell-driven regeneration. I have targeted the development of a stem cell-based bio-artificial human liver tissue for research and clinical use. Since 2015, I have tested the effect of growth factors VIP and EGF on adult human hepatocytes and liver stem cells. In collaboration with bioengineering experts, led by Prof. Martyn Hill, an application of acoustic fluid-based 3D culture on liver cells has been carried out. Successfully, our system was feasible for hepatoma cell line and we currently evaluate its suitability for primary liver cells. In parallel, I have started a collaboration with Dr. Jonathan Dawson to investigate the novel clay gel matrix as 3D of liver stem cells. Preliminary viability and functionality assays of liver cells in clay gel suggest a promising alternative to the conventional 3D for human liver stem cells.

Research projects

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